Below are some definitions for words commonly used on this site:

Backlink – A link placed on another site that points to your site

Page Rank (PR) – A 0-10 ranking system used by Google to rank sites, largely based on amount of traffic; as a general rule of thumb, sites with higher PR are better targets for backlinks as they have a larger effect on your site’s search engine rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The art and science of getting a site to show up higher in the search engine results for various keywords

Keywords – These are words or phrases that pertain to your site that are used in search terms; an example would be a computer software company that sells financial software. Keywords for that site might include “money”, “software”, and “finance”. Keyword phrases might include “financial software”, “money computer program”, or even “tax deductions 2010”.

DoFollow/NoFollow – NoFollow is a link property that is used by Google. It tells Google’s robots that a link should not have page rank passed to the destination site. Certain sites use the NoFollow link attribute to discourage spam and to appease Google by not having excessive links leaving the site. Links that do not have the NoFollow attribute are called “DoFollow” and are the most sought after by SEOs because Google will give your site ranking from that link.


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