When posting your links on the various sites listed in this blog, please consider the site owners. If you spam a site and the owner gets, understandably, mad and traces it back to here, it hurts everyone: your links get erased and your site might be blacklisted, the site owner gets spammed and has to spend time trying to eradicate it, and this site loses credibility, may be black listed, and would be forced to remove links. Please do not create such a situation for yourself or others.

Link Posting Etiquette


  • Provide a valid comment when commenting on a blog post. Do not say something like “Nice blog, thanks for the info”. The site owners will likely see this as spam and will delete your comment.
  • Participate in forum communities that allow you to leave profile links. They will respect your presence more and your link has a lot better chance of remaining.
  • Provide meaningful descriptions for the directory sites to which you submit. It helps readers and browsers of the directory, which is typically the crowd the site owner is trying to lure. Make your listing bait for the owner’s readers and your link and integrity will be safe.

Do Not

  • DO NOT Spam any of the link sources posted on this website. Your links will be deleted and you will have several mad people cursing your name. Spam is never good.
  • DO NOT sign up for a site and post multiple links embedded in “About” or “Bio” sections. Those profiles get deleted and usually the site owner resorts to tougher spam tactics that make it harder for everyone else.
  • DO NOT participate in deflamatory, incidiary, or otherwise dispicable behavior. Sometimes, certain websites or topics may rouse emotions, but it’s best to keep the goal at hand and remain polite.

If you follow these simple rules, along with common sense and general internet etiquette, you should be fine and will only receive blessings for your efforts. If you have specific questions, please contact us.